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Students can Now Apply for the Legal Practice LLM Program at the University of Sunderland

If you are searching for an excellent LLM program in the UK you might want to check out the one offered by the University of Sunderland.

The program is set to start on September 9th, 2019 so there is still enough time to get acquainted with the program’s curriculum and file your application.

This program also includes the Legal Practice Course (LPC) which serves the purpose of vocational qualification for legal professionals that aim to become solicitors in England and/or Wales.

This full-time LLM program is a mix of taught classes and independent research which helps them mold future solicitors into independent legal professionals capable of doing legal work without supervision. The program includes modules like “Business Law and Practice”  and “Litigation and Advocacy” to help law students develop a diverse skill set which will turn them into competent litigators down the road. Still, you should keep in mind that some modules have prerequisites.

The tuition for international and domestic students is £9,750 which is a bit unique as most other law schools tend to have higher tuition fees for international students. This is a one-year, full-time LLM program.

For information related to the LLM’s curriculum, application process, documentation and eligibility refer to University of Sunderland’s official website. The course code for this LLM program is CID1254.

Good luck with your application and happy studying!

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