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Students Can Now Apply for Dual Degree Law Programmes at DePaul College of Law

Applications are now open for students who wish to study one of the dual degree law courses at DePaul College of Law.

All courses offered within the dual degree programmes will allow people to get both JD (Juris Doctor) and LLM (Master of Law) within a three year period. These courses offer academic advancement paired up with practical experience and specifically specialized focus of studies that help their students tailor their career path.

The specific legal focal points for these courses are as follows:

  • Health Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law
  • Taxation Law

The courses are designed in such a way that students work directly with expert faculty members who have specialization and experience in the students’ field of interest. Furthermore, they have amazing networking opportunities with alumni and legal experts.

Courses as flexible and students have significant control over the courses through custom course scheduling. They can enroll in these courses at any time during their JD.

Students who might be interested in these courses but want to find out more about DePaul College of Law’s LLM courses should refer to their official LLM pages or contact their LLM programme director.

For any inquiries related to the application process, students should go through the DePaul’s Office of Law Admissions - they will sort out any confusion they might have and help them go through the application process without a hitch.

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