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Student Petitioned Before the Court LLM Exam Stay at Mumbai University

As an update to previous articles about the contended LLM exam schedules at Mumbai University, an LLB student of Chembur College, Imran Khan, filed before the court a petition in public interest seeking a stay on Mumbai University's 1st semester LLM examination. The exam was initially scheduled to take place on 17 January 2018.

Student protests compelled the University to move it to January 23 to allow them more days to study and prepare. However, aspiring LLM students remain unsatisfied with the new schedule finding it still too tight, many of which threatening to boycott the LLM exam.

In this new development, Khan has decided to bring the matter before the court. He argued that the LLM exam schedule is in violation of the regulations of the Bar Council and the UGC, i.e., to have a minimum of 90 teaching days for each term.

It will be remembered that Mumbai University attributed the tight scheduling of the LLM exams to the delay in the announcement of last year's results and due to late admissions. Khan contended that these reasons are not the fault of the students who will take the exams and should therefore not suffer for it.

A hearing is expected to be scheduled this week after the filing of Khan's court petition. Along with the stay on the LLM exam, Khan also sought the 1st semester LLB exam's postponement which is scheduled to take place on 29 January 2018. This is just in addition to an identical petition previously filed and currently pending in court.


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