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Standford Law School Seeking New LLM Teaching Fellow

As it is widely known, Stanford Law School offers a variety of academic directions for law students from around the world.

The U.S. The Corporate Governance and Practice LLM program takes 20 students every year and is ran by Professor Michael Klausner, the Faculty Director of this particular program.

There is currently an opening for a Teaching Fellow for this LLM program. The Teaching Fellow will take on academic, advisory as well as some administrative responsibilities under Professor Michael Klausner.

This position is a two-year commitment, with the third year being a possibility if both sides agree to it.

As far as teaching obligation that the fellow will have they include two courses. The first tackles the question of corporate law from an economics perspective as well as one on corporate law. He or she will also be responsible for handling the organization of various events, both academic and social, and will be on retainer for students’ day to day needs related to The Corporate Governance and Practice LLM.

You can apply for this position through Stanford Law School official website or via email. The deadline for the application is not set in stone as it will be closed once they actually hire someone. This is both a good and a bad thing as the position may be filled today or not for months to come.

Another important note is that Standford is an equal opportunity employer so everyone gets a fair chance.

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