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St Mary’s University to Launch a New Law School and Offer Innovative LLMs

St Mary’s University has announced its plans to launch a brand new Law School in collaboration with its long-standing academic partner, the Catholic University of Paris (Institut Catholique de Paris, or ICP). Starting from September 2019, St Mary’s Law School will be preparing students for two Master of Laws (LLM) degrees – the International Business Law and International and European Business Law.

The new LLM programs will take one academic year to complete, during which students will spend one semester at St Mary’s University campus in the UK and one semester at ICP in Paris. With joint forces and curriculums, the two universities will aim to provide legal knowledge in European and international commerce and business, but also a paramount ethical foundation and a social platform.

As a historic French university, ICP is widely recognized for its contribution to the fields of education, theology, and law. St Mary’s University has been collaborating with the Catholic University of Paris for quite some time now, sharing their academic values and ethical orientation. The opening of the new Law School will crown their partnership and take their prolific collaboration to new heights.

Their plans for new LLMs in International Business Law and International and European Business Law were presented with the official launch of the St Mary’s campus in Twickenham. The gala event was attended by members of the legal academia from both UK and France, as well as legal professionals and St Mary’s students, and hosted by ethics and laws expert, Justice of the Supreme Court Lord Kerr.

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