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Train as a Solicitor or a Barrister through BPP University’s LLM Programs

BPP University Law School offers numerous LLM programs that guarantee a successful legal career. In this article, two of the LLM programs offered by BPP are presented. The following LLM programs are ideal for those who want to have a career in UK either as a barrister or a solicitor:

LLM Legal Practice [Barristers]

This program may be taken on-campus at any of the following BPP centers located at Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, London Holborn or Manchester. It incorporates BPP's Bar Professional Training Course that provides the student with the needed training to be a qualified barrister, making him/her eligible to be called before the Bar of English and Wales, subject to Inns of Court requirements.

The LLM Legal Practice [Barristers] may be taken full-time (1 year) or part-time (two years). To be eligible, the applicant should meet the following requirements:

  • Qualifying Law Degree or non Law Degree plus CPE/GDL (minimum 2:2)
  • Membership of an Inn of Court
  • A pass in the Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT)
  • English Fluency, ie IELTS grade of 7.5 in all sections or Pearson test of English grade of 73

LLM Legal Practice [Solicitors]

This program also incorporates BPP Law School's highly regarded Legal Practice Course (LPC) giving students with the essential training necessary to be a qualified solicitor. It may only be taken on-campus and can be acquired full-time (1 year) or part-time (18 to 24 months). To be qualified, applicants must meet one of the following entry requirements:

  • A qualifying law degree at class 2.2 or above
  • OR a qualifying non-law degree at class 2.2 above and a GDL, CPE, or similar qualification such as CILEx

Both these programs have two intakes, January and September. Applications to the LLM programs are on a rolling-basis and will be considered until classes are full.

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