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Scholarships Now Offered to Master of Laws Students at the University of Queensland

One of Australia's best teaching and research institutions, the University of Queensland (UQ) is now offering scholarships to deserving students on its Master of Laws (LLM) and Master of International Commercial Law (MICLaw) programs. Founded in 1936, TC Beirne School of Law is the state of Queensland's oldest law school.

The scholarship is offered to overseas students who are either enrolled or about to enroll full-time in the LLM or MICLaw programs. An overseas student is one who is neither a resident or a citizen of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand. Residents of New Zealand and temporary residents of Australia are qualified. The scholarship will not cover tuition fees. Instead, it covers the 12 months living expenses of the LLM student. This financial grant will be divided into two installments and provided evenly over the course of the two semesters.

The criteria for awarding the LLM scholarship are as follows:

  1. Academic merit
  2. Interest in law and the education's usage in a future profession
  3. Financial need
  4. Proposed budget

The TC Beirne School of Law Scholarship Endowment Fund Selection Committee determines annually the number of scholarships to be granted, as well as its amount and duration. Awarding of the scholarship is subject to the approval of the candidate's enrollment to the Master of Laws programs.

The application deadline for the LLM and the MICLaw programs is 23 February 2018.

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