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Requirements that Cambridge University LLM Applicants Must Meet Upon Acceptance

The University of Cambridge Faculty of Law has a highly selective admissions process. Those accepted to its LLM programs are therefore quite lucky to enter this highly prestigious University. By now, the applications to its 2018 LLM programs are closed. However, those who are accepted to either the Master of Laws (LLM) program or the LLM in Corporate Law program still have several things to accomplish.

First off, those who received an offer for a place on the Cambridge LLM course must indicate their intention of accepting the offer. This can be done by formally registering the acceptance via the self-service web page of Cambridge Law, along with the provision of the additional conditions of the offer required by the Law School. Since all of the offers for a place to the LLM degree automatically come with financial conditions and college membership, the offers are initially conditional.

Applicants who are still engaged in academic studies at the time of their application may also be required to complete some academic conditions. It should be noted that funding offers are different from the LLM offer. Only when all the required conditions are met will the accepted LLM candidate be admitted to the course. All the conditions must be accomplished by 31 July 2018 to be able to take the October 2018 LLM classes. Failure to meet this deadline will render the LLM offer lapsed.

In cases where there are multiple applications made for different programs in the University, and multiple offers are likewise received, the student must choose the offer he or she will take. The choice will become permanent and irrevocable. Transferring to another program will not be permitted after the offer for a place has been accepted by the LLM student. Those who need a visa to take the LLM degree have the responsibility to acquire the relevant documentation.

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