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Prof. Orin Kerr: Cited More Than 1,300 Times In The Last 4 Years

In January 2018, Orin Kerr became a permanent professor at the USC Gould Law School. Before that, he was a permanent member of the George Washington Law School from 2001 to 2017. Before that, he worked as a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Chicago. Kerr is an accomplished professor, a teacher, and an expert in law and he received a Great Teaching Award while working at the George Washington Law School in 2009.

His specialization lies in computer crime law and criminal procedures. At the same time, he has different courses in areas such as professional responsibility, evidence, and criminal law. During his career, he wrote over 60 articles reviewing laws and over 40 of those were cited in the US Supreme Court and the Judicial court system.

The professor from USC Gould has been the most commonly cited faculty member for procedure and criminal law in the entire United States. This information was revealed by Sisk’s data in which it says that his scholarship alone was cited in over 3,000 academic articles. This is a staggering number and the runner-up has about two times fewer citations than Kerr.

Apart from writing law review articles, he has also published many blog posts at some of the largest law blogs, and he co-authored and authored various books. He was asked to argue and brief cases both in the federal and the supreme court of the United States. The leaders at US Gould say that they couldn’t be prouder of having such a productive and dedicated professor on their side.

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