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Prof. Burkhard Schafer: There Definitely Are Algorithms in the Justice System

Algorithms do exist in the justice system. The director of the SCRIPT Centre for IT and IP Law provided sufficient evidence for their existence.

The Law Society of England and Wales recently received the evidence. In fact, Burkhard Schafer, Professor of Computational Legal Theory and Director of the SCRIPT Centre for IT and IP Law at the Edinburgh Law School was the one who recently provided it.

Professor Schafer informed the Technology and the Law Policy Commision about the existence of algorithms in the justice system. However, it is up to the Commission to examine the evidence and other implications and decide whether there is a need to install new controls to keep the human rights protected in the justice system. The Commission is chaired by Christina Blacklaws, the Law Society’s President.

Upon reviewing the reports on the link between consumer protection law and algorithms that were put together for the German Ministry of Justice, Professor Schafer addressed the issue of AI applications. Prof. Schafer suggested that these applications could be certified, referencing the current certification process of legal practitioners.

The professor in question also pointed out that this will have a range of implications. Not only the implications for the justice sector in general, but also for the Law Society itself and numerous professional indemnity insurance providers.

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