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Princeton Offers a Masters Degree in Public Policy to Legal Practitioners

Law graduates and professionals interested in pursuing higher legal education from a prestigious university may be disappointed to learn that Princeton does not have a law school. Ivy League Princeton University, which is located in New Jersey, is certainly one of the best institutions in the country and considered one of the world’s most illustrious higher education universities.

Without a law school, Princeton is unable to offer Juris Doctor (JD), Masters of Law (LLM) or Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degrees. Unknown to many however, Princeton offers numerous opportunities to legal practitioners to pursue related post-graduate programs including a Masters Degree in Public Policy (MPP). This is a master's level degree that is similar to an LLM in that it can be taken more appropriately by law students, attorneys and other legal professionals.

Moreover, Princeton University also offers a Program in Law and Public Affairs (LAPA) for people who engaged in society, politics, culture and economy. Through Princeton's LAPA, participants are able to explore U.S. and global laws.

Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School, which is distinguished for its commitment to combining legal education with public policy, offers an MPP program to graduates with a JD who recognize the need to acquire significant analytical prowess in policy analysis after gaining years of related experience.

To legal practitioners and law graduates who want the prestige of a degree from Princeton, the absence of an LLM offering should not stop you given Princeton's MPP degree.

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