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Pre-LLM 2019: US Summer Programs for Non-Native English Speakers

To aspiring postgraduate students, pre-LLM summer programs offer a great opportunity to hone their legal skills and warm up for the upcoming academic year. They can be taken at almost all reputable law schools in the US, and are typically divided into two courses: Legal English and US Legal System.

If you’re not from the US but are planning to enroll in a US LLM program the following fall, summer Legal English courses can help you master the legal vocabulary you’ll be expected to know and use.

Here’s a list of summer law schools for you to consider, together with their course calendars.


  • Brooklyn Law School


Intensive Legal English Program:

  • bFour-week course: July 1 - July 26
  • Three-week course: July 1 - July 19


  • Boston University


English for Legal Practitioners: To be announced.


  • Duke University


  • Duke-Leiden Institute in Global and Transnational Law: June 16 - July 17
  • Summer Institute in Law, Language & Culture: July 22 - August 14


  • Fordham


Legal English and Communication Skills: To be announced.


  • George Washington University Law School


US Legal English: July 18 - July 27


  • Georgetown University


LLM Summer Experience: July 15 - August 9


  • UC Berkeley


Summer English Language Studies: To be announced.


  • UC Davis


English for Legal Professionals: June 23 - July 6


  • UC San Diego


Intensive Legal English Course: March 11 - May 10


  • USC


Summer Law & English Program: July 15 - August 9


  • Vanderbilt University


Summer Legal English Course: July 16 - August 10


  • Yale University


Intensive English Program: July 1 - August 2

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