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Postgraduate Master’s Loan Scheme Available to English and Non-UK EU Students at Newcastle University

The Postgraduate Master’s Loan Scheme for 2019 will be available to English and Non-UK EU students at Newcastle University. The maximum amount students can get through this loan scheme is £10,906 (around €12,635).

The following master’s degrees can be funded through the Postgraduate Master’s Loan Scheme:

  • MA
  • MSc
  • MRes
  • MEd
  • MBA
  • LLM
  • MLitt
  • MFA

When it comes to the course length and eligibility, most full-time and part-time one or two year courses are covered by the loans with the exception of part-time courses lasting three academic years which have a one-year full-time equivalent course, part-time courses lasting four academic years which do not have an equivalent two-year full-time equivalent course and part-time courses lasting five or more academic years.

In order to be eligible for the loan students will need to meet a few eligibility criteria. First, they need to be younger than 60. The master’s programme they intend to study needs to be their first - if they already hold a master’s degree they will not be eligible for the loan. There are a few more specific eligibility factors that you should check out on Newcastle University’s official post about the loan scheme.

The application period for 2019 opens in June 2019 and the easiest way to apply for this is to go through the online application form.

Any inquiries should be directed to Newcastle University’s official channels or channels associated with The Postgraduate Master’s Loan Scheme.

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