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Penn Law – Their Master in Law Program Is Well into Its Fifth Year

The University of Pennsylvania Law School welcomed 56 new students to its Master in Law (ML) degree program for the current academic year, as well as more than 300 students who joined the Penn community and will pursue a degree in various courses within the ML curriculum.

The Penn’s ML students will have a fantastic opportunity to learn about the U.S. legal system and understand how to put all the knowledge they gain into practice. The students include a museum curator, journalists, psychologists, engineers, physicians, dental students, and many graduate students who are studying business, cybersecurity, and medicine.

The Penn’s ML curriculum includes foundational courses in regulatory law, business law, and U.S. law, as well as an upper-level Penn Law’s JD program. The curriculum was created in 2014 and has grown and expanded greatly since. Because the program is widely popular, Penn Law now provides an opportunity for the students to take foundational ML courses both in the fall and spring semesters.

The current academic year is also the first year when the ML students can take a Compliance course focused on healthcare, the Law of Medical Liability course, and the Contacts and Negotiations course.

All the ML courses are taught by practitioners who are true experts in their fields. For instance, the spring ML course on the Introduction to Constitutional Law will be taught by Penn Law Dean Theodore Ruger.

To date, 32 alumni have graduated from the Penn Law’s ML program and 20 more students are expected to graduate this academic year.

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