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Panjab University Debates Increasing Number of Seats and Fees for Their Courses

Big news from the Panjab University as their 23 members committee decides if they are going to increase seats across 17 courses in 14 departments. This changes will affect departments in all categories including general, in-service and fully self-financed categories. Thes changes may impact future and current students of the Panjab University.

It is not all good news though as the committee is also considering a change in fees. These fee increases will affect students in in-service and fully self-financed categories, not affecting the general category. Some of the proposed fee increases are as high as 80%.

The entire procedure is overseen by PU vice-chancellor Prof Raj Kumar.

The proposition suggests that the departments for microbial technology and microbiology receive an increase in seats with no increase to the fees. Furthermore, the LLM study course offered by University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS) is also proposed to receive an increase of 20 seats along with the retail management and banking and insurance management courses taught at University Institute of Applied Management Sciences (UIAMS).

The LLM seats increase will have to await approval from the Bar Council of India before it can be confirmed.

There are a number of planned increases in fees to various departments and courses. For your convenience, we have included the table with all the comprehensive current seats and fees as well as changes proposed by the committee. We can expect the committee to make a decision sometime in the near future.

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