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One Month Until Application Period Closes for UCL LLM

The application period for UCL’s LLM program for their September 2019 intake is closing on July 26th a 5 PM. Students should keep in mind that the applications are done on a rolling basis which means that as soon as all seats are filled the application period closes.

The application process for UCL’s LLM program requires a fee. You can apply through online means or send in documentation traditionally. We recommend that you use their online application form to do so as the processing fee is only £75 and you can submit and re-submit all documentation on the fly. If you are really keen on sending the documentation via mail the processing fee is £100.

Documentation required for the application:

  • Academic transcript
  • References
  • Written work
  • English language proficiency
  • Personal statement

You can find a full list of things that the application reviewers would like to see within your application on the UCL website.

Students should be aware that UCL offers a part-time and a full-time LLM program so pick according to your requirements and convenience.

As far as tuition fees go, the tuition for UK/EU students stands at £16,130 for students taking the full-time option and £8,060 for students taking the part-time option.

You can find more detailed information about their LLM program’s curriculum, accommodation, and costs of living on the UCL’s official website. If you find anything unclear or simply can’t find some piece of information feel free to contact their official student support channels.

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