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NYU Law Professor Mellissa Muray Directs Harsh Criticism at Rudy Giuliani

A respectable New York University law professor, JD Mellissa Muray was recently called to weigh in on Rudy Giuliani's awkward defense of president Donald Trump on MSNBC, and she offered a scathing critique.

Professor Muray is known for her sharp wit and has penned two award-winning articles on gender identity law in 2012 and 2013, so it comes as no surprise that she had a vivid way of describing the absurdity of the situation.

Rudy Giuliani basically waved away the accusations against the US president’s allegedly illegal campaign finance practices because the sums involved were not particularly large.   

Not one to mince her words, although professor Murray seemed a bit shocked and appalled at such an attempt at defending president Trump, she had this to say:

“And his response and his defense is that if it had been more money, it would have been more serious. We are living in strange times. I mean, we are in a death spiral of stupid. This is insanity.”

Big words, but there are few people that could put it as precisely as this NYU law professor.

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