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Nottingham Trent University Inspires Its LLM Students to Give Back

The 175-year old Nottingham Trent University is known for many things – its tireless contribution to the advancement of educational practices, its attentive and innovative faculty, and the University’s learning environment that is both inspiring and fun are just a few qualities that NTU is recognized for.

But NTU’s long-established volunteering program is just as worthy of mentioning and celebrating. Its goal is to encourage students to give back to their campus, city, and society at large, and thus take from the University a valuable lesson on the importance of pro bono work and general philanthropy.

Twenty-one-year-old Ruth McAteer believes that this is of special importance for law students. She is currently pursuing her LPC LLM (Legal Practice Course that equals a postgraduate or Master of Laws) degree at NTU, where McAteer is also volunteering with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau Witness Service.

Among other responsibilities, Ruth is tasked with providing support to traumatized witnesses, a task she says gives her “an enormous sense of satisfaction”. It also prepares her for the most delicate aspects of her future profession by helping her hone her people skills and teaching her to be humble.

Ruth McAteer, soon-to-be LLM, is among more than 1,000 student volunteers at NTU who contribute to the University’s societal and philanthropic goals with their time. Every year, this program secures around 55,000 hours of volunteering work committed to charity, education, crisis response, and more.

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