New Syracuse Law LLM Graduate Arrested in Azerbaijan for Allegedly “Disobeying Police”

New Syracuse Law LLM Graduate Arrested in Azerbaijan for Allegedly “Disobeying Police”

Only a couple of days back in his country, a recent LLM graduate of Syracuse University (SU) College of Law, Emin Aslan, was arrested in Azerbaijan. Aslan is a human rights lawyer focused on helping young and disabled people in his country. He took an LLM at SU specializing in international law and legal studies and recently graduated from it.

It was just a few weeks after his graduation that the incident happened while eating in a cafe with her fiancee. It was reported that plain-clothes men "abducted" him for unclear reasons. It was later learned that the men are police officers and that Aslan was arrested for "disobeying the police." This is despite the fact that Aslan was cooperative upon his "arrest."

However, human rights advocates are worried about Aslan's safety and deemed the arrest bogus. He was denied access to his attorney and has yet to contact his family or fiancee. One of his law professors is surprised about the arrest as Aslan was not a subversive and did  not go against the authoritarian regime. However, he deemed that the government may have been nervous about Aslan acquiring his LLM degree in the United States and the arrest is a statement to Aslan that he is no longer in the U.S. and should act according to boundaries.

A journalist in Azerbaijan is convinced that for lack of an offense, and the pressure coming from international and local groups, the police officers were forced to charge him with "resistance to police" to render their actions legal. The violation will be meted with a 30-day jail sentence.

Various groups are now putting pressure on the government including Stockholm's Civil Rights Defender demanding for Aslan's release and the Human Rights Watch criticizing Baku for refusing communication with Aslan. They are cautiously positive that Aslan will be released after 30 days.