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New MSL Program Offered at the University of Georgia Atlanta Campus

Starting August 2018, a Master in the Study of Law (MSL) program will be available at the University of Georgia (UGA) Atlanta campus. This is in addition to the current LLM program offered by the Law School. The MSL is ideal for students without a prior law degree but who want to gain legal knowledge useful to their current work.

The MSL was launched to provide practitioners who are exposed to careers that require a broader understanding of the law. It is a fact that most work environments are currently highly legislated, regulated and litigated. It would be to the benefit of anybody working in such an environment to be armed with the needed legal knowledge to advance in their careers. With the MSL program at UGA Atlanta, the student need not be a graduate of law to gain advance legal education.

The MSL program at Atlanta campus will give professionals the choice to accomplish the program within two years, part-time. Students will be attending classes along with other traditional law students and may opt to take some of the classes at the Athens main campus. The MSL requires 30-credit hours to be completed and includes courses in the following areas of law:

  • public policy
  • labor and employment
  • intellectual property
  • health care law
  • environmental policy

For lawyers and law graduates, another option is the General LLM program offered also at UGA with the following concentrations:

  • Family Law and Migration Law
  • Preparation for a U.S. Bar Examination
  • Transnational, International, and Comparative Law
  • Business Law and Dispute Settlement
  • Public Institutions and the Law







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