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New LLM Scholarship Program on Leadership Launched at Boston University

In recognition of the future leaders in law, the University of Boston School of Law (BU Law) launched a scholarship program for promising LLM candidates. The LLM Leadership Program has been created to encourage law students with industry experience and career track records to acquire advance legal education at the University of Boston.

The program will begin fall 2018 and is open to all LLM applicants with work experience in law or related field of at least three years. Those who will be admitted to the LLM Leadership Program will obtain the following:

  • LLM Leadership Awards, which is the highest level of scholarship support at BU Law;
  • the LLM Leadership Scholar designation; and,
  • invitations to various special events during the academic year, which can help LLM students build their professional networks.

There is no need to apply to the scholarship as all applicants admitted to the following LLM programs will automatically be considered based on their credentials:

  • LLM in American Law
  • LLM in Banking & Finance Law
  • LLM in Intellectual Property Law
  • LLM in Taxation

The application deadline for the LLM programs set to begin fall 2018 is 31 July 2018 for local applicants. Although the application deadline for international applicants ended on 15 April 2018, applications are still accepted based on the availability of slots. The LLM students chosen to receive the LLM Leadership Scholarship will be notified upon admission and will receive a generous financial support from the School of Law. Further information is available through BU Law’s Graduate and International Programs Office.


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