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New LL.M. in Judicial Studies at Singapore MU Designed for Foreign Students

Next fall, Singapore Management University will officially launch its first Judicial Studies LL.M.

The program is aimed at foreign students, but will also accept judicial aspirants and serving judges from Singapore. If you’re interested in attending, the applications are open now, up until May 1, 2019.

Designed in partnership with Singapore Judicial College, Singapore MU’s new LL.M. will welcome degree candidates and give them an opportunity to undertake dissertations and judicial attachments.

The class size is expected to be around 25 students, while the program itself is intended to be flexible.

Singapore MU has designed the program across two terms so that it can be completed in 10 months. To all working students, MU will offer a convenient opportunity to take a mid-term leave of absence.

The LL.M. curriculum will include 6 core classes, all of which have been curated to enhance the candidates’ knowledge and competencies in primary areas of the law, such as the law of obligations and business law taught from a comparative perspective, but also modern-day judicial administration.

After completing core classes, the most interesting of which are “Law and Technology” and “Judgecraft”, students will have the opportunity to take two credit units of electives such are “Contextual Judging” and “Leadership, Management and Professional Effectiveness”, among others.

After Duke Law School, Singapore MU is one of the rare law schools to offer a Judicial Studies LL.M.

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