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New Litigation Management LLM at Baylor Law

Imagine if a Fortune 500 company called you with an intention to sue another Fortune 500 company and a plan to entrust you with a case that will win (or lose) millions of dollars. What would you do then, asks professor Liz Fraley from Baylor Law, in terms of developing a cost-effective legal strategy?

Litigators and trial lawyers both specialize in these types of major-league cases where stakes are unusually high, but it takes them a huge amount of practical experience. Of course, many law schools have LLM programs that focus on litigation and trial advocacy. Litigation management, not so much.

Young ambitious lawyers need someone to teach them these practical skills, which is why Baylor Law School has decided to launch the nation’s first executive LLM program in litigation management. Liz Fraley will co-create courses that will help experienced lawyers prepare themselves for large cases.

The new LLM program in litigation law will be designed to address the rise of litigation costs, as well as to explore innovative strategies and case management technologies. It will also offer courses in cybersecurity, data analysis, e-discovery, and other intersecting fields between technology and law.

Students should expect a 14-month long blended learning program that will require them to spend around 10 hours a week listening to classes, after which they will have to appear on Baylor’s campus for 3 separate 2-week long synthesizing and assessment sessions, led by nation’s finest legal experts.

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