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New Law Course at ASU for its LLM and MLS in Sports Law and Business

A new law course is now offered at the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. The newest course is Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Sports Industry and may be taken as part of the curriculum of LLM in Sports Law and Business and other Master's degrees such as the MLS in Sports Law and Business program. The course is offered starting spring 2018.

This course will give students the highest level of unprecedented insights into the field of sports negotiations. This is a very timely negotiations course given that issues such as coaches and athlete's contracts are a hot topic in the recent months. With this course, LLM and MLS students will be taught not only strategy, theory and practice of negotiating but also understand how the skills on these areas will be utilized in their personal lives and the workplace environment.

Students will also learn such negotiations as securing new contracts for the likes of sport legends as Tim Duncan or Tom Glavine. They will know what it is like to strike a deal to land such high profile coaches as Herm Edwards and Bobby Hurley. They will be able to gain knowledge in collective bargaining agreements from the professionals themselves.

With the in-class exercises provided in this new course, students will get a different view of how dispute resolution and negotiating are conducted, including the following:

  • Major League Football salary arbitration;
  • player and coach contracts' mock negotiations; and,
  • various perspectives on negotiations such as those from Nona Lee, Diamondbacks' general counsel.

As the capstone project for the course, students will be grouped together to actually negotiate the next collective bargaining agreement of a sports league, the results of which will be reported back to the class. Students should share the excitement the Faculty are experiencing about this new course as this will be a huge contribution to their future careers in the sports industry.


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