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New England Association of Chinese Professionals Holds a Lecture on Big Pharma in China

On January 19, Ching-Cheng Hou delivered a speech “Bio-Pharm Companies’ Winning Strategy in China from the Perspective of Intellectual Property” per invitation by New England Association of Chinese Professionals (NEACP) and Columbia Law School.

The lecture took place at the conference room of the Cambridge Innovation Center, in front of the audience of 18 - government officials, professors, Ph.D. students, and entrepreneurs. NEACP board members, VP Yafen Kang, and professor Chung Hwa were also present.

Mr. Hou is a rising star in Intellectual Property Law back in China and Taiwan, where he co-founded China Intellectual Property Information and Consulting Co. and Ching-Cheng Attorneys at Law. He is a holder of three master degrees and one Ph.D.

Mr. Hou obtained his first LLM degree from National Taiwan University, an MBA from National Chengchi University, and another LLM from the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with a Ph.D. degree from Peking University in 2017.

He’s been admitted to the bar in both New York and Taipei.

Mr. Hou’s speech tackled four burning issues in the business context - the trend of Chinese bio-pharm patents, expert tips for foreign bio-pharm companies that want to penetrate this market, international property law in China, and value fo Chinese patents.

The event at the Cambridge Innovation Center included a Q&A panel as well, during which Mr. Hou revealed that he is planning to expand his business to the US market.

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