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Nancy Karigithu, Maritime Law LLM, is Skyrocketing Africa’s Blue Economy

As African Union’s Woman of the Year 2018, Nancy Karigithu continues to inspire new generations of women to study law and pursue careers in men-led industries, including shipping and seafaring. As a maritime legal expert and an accomplished businesswoman, Karigithu is singlehandedly skyrocketing Africa’s blue economy.

Karigithu holds an LLM in International Maritime Law from the International Maritime Law Institute in Malta but is also a graduate of the esteemed IESE Business School. Driving the maritime agenda to the next level has been her dream since college years, which makes her accomplishments in the field all the more meaningful.

Karigithu has been playing the field for over 30 years, during which she advanced commercial shipping and maritime administration in both private and government section. As the Director-General of Kenya Maritime Authority, she helped Kenya become one of the top maritime players in the West Indian Ocean region.

She is currently serving under Kenya’s Transport Ministry as the Principal Secretary for Shipping and Maritime State Department. Karigithu is now also a member of the board of governors of both the International Maritime Insititute in Malta and Sweden-based World Maritime University, as well as VP for the International Mobile Satellite Organization.

Widely recognized for both her advocacy for women in the maritime sector and her contribution to the development of the blue economy in Kenya and Africa, Karigithu was also named the Pan-African Most Influential Woman in Business and Government. As a definition of “Strength of Woman”, she continues to reshape the female role in business.

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