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Mumbai University's Delayed Release of LLB Grades Creating Problems for LLM Candidates

Several LLM/BLS students at Mumbai University are in a quandary due to the delayed release of their grades from last semester. These students are currently shortlisted candidates for LLM courses at various universities in India. These universities will close their admissions in five days.

The LLB grade is a requirement for admission to LLM programs and those who did not get a passing grade will not be admitted. Without a grade, the applications of the LLM candidates will not be considered at all and will be disqualified.

The University of Mumbai (MU) is one of India's oldest state university and one of the world's largest. It also offers an LLM program to interested students, besides its bachelor and doctorate degrees in law. MU's delay of the release of grades is currently creating quite a stir among the concerned students.

Some of Indian universities with approaching deadlines for LLM applications include New Law College, Rajarshi Shahu College of Law, Government Law College and Kishinchand Chellaram Law School. Several LLM candidates recently met with representatives from the universities concerned to request the extension of their September 16 deadline, at least until the results of their undergraduate grades are released by MU.

Another concern brought about by other LLM candidates who received low marks is that they have resubmitted their papers for reassessment. The low mark will render them ineligible for acceptance to the LLM programs. However, though they have a chance to get a higher grade, the new grades are unlikely to be released in time for the LLM application deadline. This will greatly affect them since one academic year will be lost. It is yet to be decided if their request for an extension will be allowed.


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