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Mrs Elizabeth Mavropoulou (LLM) Discusses Business and Human Maritime Rights

In the last half a decade there have been some big strides in developing human rights in the regulations of corporate environments. All of this has been done with the ultimate goal of creating safe working environments and minimizing the space for reckless exploitation of the workforce.

Unfortunately, the maritime industry has just started to focus on regulating human rights for their workforce in the last couple of years in the UK. While some progress has been made, they still have a long way to go and this is the discussion that Mrs. Elizabeth Mavropoulou (LLM) is trying to tap into.

As Charity Administrator and Programme Manager at UK-based, maritime human rights charity, Human Rights at Sea, she is attempting to start a conversation about the rights of workers in the maritime industry.

The jobs themselves include a lot of risks and the probability of the human rights of employees working within the industry being threatened is very high. With this high risk in mind, the debate needs to move forward, and with plenty of caution, before a safe environment can be created for the employees in the maritime industry.

Mrs. Mavropoulou earned her LLM at the University of Westminster, graduating with distinction and immediately focusing her work on charity, even doing pro-bono work. You can find out more about the work she does with her charity organization in a recent article she released.

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