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Maastricht University Application Deadline for European Students for Master Studies Closes on June 1st

The Maastricht University in the Netherlands offers a very wide scope of law courses and programs. What’s even more impressive is their list of Master courses and specializations.

Here is a list of some of their more prominent master programs students can apply for:

  • Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (LLM/MSc)
  • European Law School


European Law and Market Integration

European Public Law & Governance

Free Programme

  • Forensics, Criminology, and Law

  • Globalization and Law


Corporate and Commercial Law

Human Rights

International Trade and Investment Law

General Program

  • International Laws

  • Law and Labour


Labour and Business

Labour and Health

Keep in mind that we focused on Master programs in English and that this is not a full list of the Master programs they offer - we kept it short for the sake of brevity.

The application deadline for students from  EU/EEA countries and Switzerland is set for June 1st, 2019. The application period for students who are not from the above-mentioned countries has already been closed on May 1st.

If this deadline is too close for comfort then you might want to consider applying for their February intake in 2020 scheduled to start accepting applications after the summer.

For a full list of the Master programs, they offer and the entire application process explained, refer to the Maastricht University’s official website.

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