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LLM Students at Essex University Win International Humanitarian Law Competition

LLM students at Essex University made up the team that competed and won the highly distinguished Jean-Pictet International Humanitarian Law Competition which took place March 24 to 31, 2018 at Ohrid, Macedonia. The Essex team outdid 47 other competitors coming from different universities from 5 continents.

Natasha Sax, Rasha Mohamed and Rumbi Mapolisa are Master of Laws students at Essex University taking up LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. The education and experience they gained from Essex allowed them to have a unique global view of human rights and humanitarian law, which greatly contributed to winning the competition.

Sax is a resident of New Zealand and worked for three years in Iraq. Mohamed is half-Iraqi, half-Irish, who spent half of her life in Ireland and half in Iraq. She also worked in Yemen. Mapolisa is from Zimbabwe where she worked as a refugee lawyer prior to coming to Essex. Given their first-hand experiences with human rights and humanitarian issues, they became more than equipped to do well in the competition.

The Jean-Pictet International Competition was one week long comprising of hypothetical armed conflict simulations where competing teams put their humanitarian law knowledge in application based on a broad range of situations. Members of the team play roles, .e.g, as military, governments and lawyers.

Essex University College of Law officials are quite proud of their students and thanked the coaching team that made the win even more possible. Essex University last won the competition 25 years ago, though it usually reaches final and semi-final rounds. The officials find the Jean-Pictet Competition to be very fast paced, thus making the team's win even more impressive.




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