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LLM Student at University of the Western Cape Overcomes Rare Brain Condition

Chante Heynes is a good example of someone who defied the odds just to go after her dream, no matter how hard and debilitating. Heynes is a 24 year old law graduate and current LLM student at the University of the Western Cape, a public university in Cape Town, South Africa. She was stricken with a rare brain condition that left her impaired visually.

Over a week ago, she graduated from the University with her Bachelor of Laws degree and has embarked this year on her LLM degree. Clearly, Heynes did not allow even the worst of situations to stop her from achieving what she set out to do. Her ultimate goal is to gain education in criminal law so that she can one day fight corruption and bring perpetrators to task.

Heynes was in her third year law in 2014 when she had a car accident. She was thereafter diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension, a rare brain condition that made her miss a year of study. She went through two difficult years of painful treatments to remove the fluid build-up in her brains. This included numerous lumbar puncture treatments without which could lead to her permanent blindness. She underwent a surgery last year to place a tube and shunt on her brain to help in filtering into her abdomen.

Despite all these, she still managed to graduate with a law degree and is now pursuing an LLM program. She is truly a great inspiration for other students. Those who may want to follow her footsteps may consider taking their LLM degree from the University of the Western Cape Faculty of Law, which offers the following LLM programs:

  • LLM in Constitutional Litigation
  • LLM in Disability Law and Policy
  • LLM in Environmental Law
  • LLM in International and Human Rights Law
  • LLM in Trade, Investments and Business Law

All these programs may be taken full-time for 12 months or part-time for 24 months. Some of the LLM programs are offered in partnership with the University of Pretoria.



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