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LLM Programs: A Logical Step for T-Shaped Law Graduates

A little less than a decade ago, having a single degree in a chosen discipline used to suffice. But as we’ve continued to change as a society, so has the employment landscape. Regardless of a vocation, continual education that nurtures T-shaped students is a requisite for professional fulfillment today.

So what are T-shaped students, exactly?

Especially in regard to graduates, the educational buzzword T-shaped is used to describe a student who is adaptable and hence open to multiple disciplines. This is a graduate who aims to extend beyond their initial skillset in order to obtain comprehensive knowledge in more than just one field.

Leading law schools around the world are introducing this concept to the classroom as we speak, which results either in graduate programs that focus on the interdisciplinary nature of studies in various fields or in postgraduate courses that help students advance and expand on their knowledge.

There are quite a few LLM programs that fall under both of these categories - simultaneously, they equip students for applying their skills in different fields and encourage them to broaden their expertise. These programs produce T-shaped attorneys that are in high demand among employers.

Even though employability is a huge factor as well, continual professional development may just be the main reason why modern-day legal education is choosing to tailor graduate and postgraduate courses in a way that contributes to the production of T-shaped students with global talent.

LLM programs are therefore a logical step for T-shaped law graduates.

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