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LLM in Migration Law No Longer Offered at Australian National University

Due to some requirement changes made by the Immigration Department, the Australian National University (ANU) College of Law decided to stop teaching the Master of Laws (LLM) in Migration Law. Besides the LLM, ANU also reduced other migration law offerings and left only a few electives. This move has also resulted on the cutting of 8 academic positions and 3 professional staff positions.

This occurred after the Immigration Department upped to a higher level the migration agent certification to a Graduate Diploma in Migration Law and Practice. The latter is a more lengthy and doubly expensive program that rendered the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law & Practice redundant.

Prior to these changes, ANU is the only institution belonging to the Group of Eight that offered the Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice. It was also the largest provider in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory of migration law courses.

An implementation plan relating to these changes was circulated at ANU College of Law as early as December 2017, which also made mention of the affected positions. Consequently, 2 one-year staff positions and 1 two-year fixed-term positions were created. A spokesman from ANU stated that the decision affected only less than 10 staff and  options will be made available to them, e.g., fixed-term appointments, transfers in other departments and colleges within the University, redundancy packages and pre-retirement plans.

The on-going Graduate Certificate will be taught out only until the end of 2018 and the LLM in Migration Law by 2019. The migration law electives that will remain will be offered within the other LLM and Graduate Certificate of Laws programs, as well as the Juris Doctor degree.

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