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LLM LegalTech to Begin October 2018 at Swansea University

Swansea University is currently developing a postgraduate LLM Legal Tech degree. The course will first be offered in October 2018. The LegalTech LLM will be the first of its kind in UK. It is the product of the fast emerging "LegalTech" sector in UK, which offers various opportunities for entrepreneurship in legal practice, for start-up businesses and for the growing LegalTech Research & Development cluster in the region.

Technology is changing the nature of legal service delivery especially with access to justice through digital platforms, artificial intelligence, online dispute resolution and Blockchain. Swansea is cognizant of these developments and is now in the process of finalizing its new offering, the LegalTech LLM.

Those who enrol on the LegalTech LLM will take courses revolving around two essential areas: how artificial intelligence is applied to law and how the law is applied to artificial intelligence. The courses under these two areas will allow students to understand artificial intelligence concepts and utilize tools that will develop their own LegalTech solutions, undergo practical exercises and acquire experience working with data.

This LLM program is open to law degree holders and legal professionals. It is not necessary to have experience or knowledge in technology or coding. A dissertation will be part of the requirements to complete this LLM degree and some of the courses include the following:

  • AI and law
  • Automating legal services
  • Blockchain/distributed ledger technology
  • Computational thinking for lawyers
  • Digital intellectual property
  • Legal services in a digital world
  • LegalTech entrepreneurship
  • Quantitative analysis and big data
  • Rights and accountability in the digital economy

Interested students are encouraged to register now for the LLM in LegalTech and learn how Artificial Intelligence and law combine into this new topical and innovative LLM program at Swansea University. More information about the LLM program will be posted soon.

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