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LLM Aspirant Brings University to Court for Being Denied Entry to the Program

Acquiring an LLM education can spell a great future to a student. This is why some students will do almost anything they can to obtain one. This was certainly the case with Awanish Kumar, a graduate of South Asian Studies at Pondicherry University who applied for admission to the LLM program also from the same University for the school year 2017/2018.

Kumar passed the entrance exams, group discussion and interview but was denied admission to the LLM program at Pondicherry University. Due to this, he recently filed suit against the University to seek justice. In response to the claim, the Madras High Court, through its Justice R. Mahadevan, directed the person in-charge, the University registrar Dr. Kannan Tharanikkarasu, to personally appear in court to provide an explanation to the queries raised by Kumar.

Kumar claimed that he ranked third in the written examination and ranked 11th overall after the group discussion and interview were held. The LLM program can accommodate 20 seats. Yet, according to him, he was still denied admission to the program.

In his own words, Kumar explained that "I was denied admission on the date of admission (August 2, 2017). I received an email on the same day from the academic wing of the university alleging serious misbehavior and misconduct during the interview and hence the admission was denied. I lodged a complaint with the vice-chancellor on the same day and a police complaint the next day.”

Kumar's petition before the Madras High Court prays that the court directs the university to offer him admission to the LLM program. Being a law graduate, he represented himself before the court and argued his case against the University. Included in his claims are 1) that the University wrote pre-dated letters containing serious allegations against him just so that he will be denied admission and 2) that there were irregularities in how teachers conducted classes at the center for South Asian Studies.

Justice Mahadevan wanted to ask the University why it felt it could exercise disciplinary action against petitioner Kumar when at the time, he already graduated from the law school and is therefore no longer a student. The judge also wanted to know why the University did not conduct any investigation or inquiry between 2015 to 2017 when Kumar repeatedly asked for it, based on the mentioned allegations on irregularities.


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