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LLM in American Law Fundamentals Track at Boston University is Ideal for American Bar Takers

The Boston University School of Law (BU Law) offers various LLM programs which can be taken online, on campus, or as a combination of both. Its LLM in American Law is offered to foreign lawyers to prepare them for global practice. Students on this program are fully integrated into the JD classes and thus gain a US legal education along with the JD students of BU Law.

One of the goals of many foreign-trained lawyers taking LLM programs in the US is the chance to take the American bar exam. Those who have this goal will benefit from the Fundamentals Track of the LLM in American Law. The Fundamentals Track aims to provide intensive exposure to topics related to the bar to prepare LLM students for the state bar exams.

The Fundamentals Track is ideal for LLM students who want to take the state bar exams. Firstly, this track is available exclusively to students on the LLM in American Law program. The courses on this track cover two of the most challenging topics to lawyers trained in a civil law system wishing to take the US bar exam: Evidence and Real Property. Six weeks will be dedicated to each class to allow for better comprehension of the subject matter.

Furthermore, most JD and LLM students, upon graduation, undertake a bar-preparation class. This bar-prep program serves only as a review class for JD students since they have taken up the relevant bar topics in the past three years. However, LLM students who have only one year to complete their program cannot possibly cover the entire range of topics related to the bar. Most of them manage to take up the US law topic only during the bar-prep class. Also, the standard two to three days dedicated to Real Property and Evidence topics are not adequate. Through the Fundamental Track, the LLM students are able to deeply understand the relevant key concepts that render the bar-prep class simply a review class prior to taking the bar.

While the track can prove helpful to bar takers, BU Law does not claim that the successful LLM student is guaranteed to qualify to take the state bar exams. Each student should still meet the requirements and eligibility conditions asked for by the concerned state bar authorities before they can quality. Moreover, while it will prepare them for the bar exam, the Fudamentals Track is not a guarantee that they will pass it.

Those interested in taking an LLM in American Law may now apply for the Fall 2018 intake. The application deadline is 15 April 2018.

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