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LLM Administrators Conference to Be Held February 22 to 23

The International Legal Education Abroad Conference (ILEAC) holds a conference annually, which brings together important practitioners in the field of international legal education. These key personalities, including LLM administrators from various law schools in the US and internationally, meet to discuss common legal challenges to help them develop the best practices when addressing the most critical issues in international legal education.

The 2018 International Legal Education Abroad and LLM Administrators Conference will have for this year's theme Innovation in Education and Administration. The conference is scheduled on February 22-23, 2018 at the American University Washington College of Law in Washington, DC. Registration to the conference is on-going and may be accessed at the events webpage of the American University or the ILEAC website.

The focus of the conference, besides international legal education abroad, includes information and best practices models for LLM administrators and JD student population. Sessions on innovative ideas, unique perspectives, and vital qualitative and quantitative evaluations of international education roles abroad will be held. These sessions will also consider the impact of such assessments on the global legal community, and how the latter affects international legal education.

There will be panels during the conference, particularly on the second day, which will address issues important to LLM students, law school administrators and faculty, LLM international programs, and employment issues, among others. The two days of the conference will touch on legal subjects relevant to both JD and LLM administrators and faculty. Also to be discussed on February 23 are the new bar exam requirements related to LLM programs. Lunch will be served and sponsored by LSAC.


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