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Lidong Pan LLM – From China to Washington and Back

Lidong Pan first got in contact with WashU through his professor at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), where he studied law. The American law school was described to him as a “great option” for receiving a further legal education.

After having graduated from SYSU, Pan decidedly moved to the US to enroll in the Washington University’s LLM program.

His US-based postgraduate courses gave him various opportunities to practice his skills through exchange programs and internships in local firms and circuit court; excited to learn, Pan took as many of them as he could.

This year at Washington University gave him a better understanding of common law and America’s legal culture, but also a chance to meet new people from the legal community and thus broaden his professional network.

Pan also obtained his Master of Laws (LLM) degree, got admitted to the New York Bar, held an internship in the US circuit court, and worked as an attorney for an LA firm.

All these experiences were key to his success back home in China.

Ten years after he’d graduated from Washington University, Pan is now managing his own law firm and working with international clients from all over the world. He is extremely grateful for everything he’s learned during his studies in the US.

Pan is also one of the most active WashU graduates from his 2004 class – not only does he still regularly attend alumni events but he also organizes them. And he never misses a chance to recommend Washington University to aspiring attorneys.

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