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King’s College London Announces Bosco Tso and Emily Ng Scholarship for LLM Students

If you are interested in getting into a one-year LLM course at King’s College in London but are facing financial troubles have we got some good news for you.

The Bosco Tso and Emily Ng Scholarship for 2019/20 has just been announced and it covers one year LLM courses at King’s College. The overall worth of each individual scholarship is £22,500 with the goal of covering living costs as well as tuition costs for home, EU, and international students. There is also an allowance included as a part of the scholarship for home and EU students.

The scholarship is sponsored by Mr. Bosco Tso, a King’s College alumni with the goal of helping students that have the necessary talent and passion for law get access to this top-notch educational institution despite being financially unable to do so.

In order to be eligible for Bosco Tso and Emily Ng scholarship, students will need to attend the 1 year LLM program, be able to demonstrate their financial situation and prepare a written statement. Also, at the end of the year, the student that receives this scholarship will need to provide a written report and a letter of gratitude to the scholarship sponsor - this shouldn’t be too difficult all things considered.

There is only one Bosco Tso and Emily Ng Scholarship for 2019/20 so if you are considering entering King’s College London LLM program this might be the push you need.

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