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Key Takeaways: VP of Legal and Business Affairs Shares Advice with New LLMs

As VP of Legal and Business Affairs at the renowned Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Aric Kurzman J.D. ’02 has made his fourth appearance as a guest speaker at the University of Miami School of Law from which he too had graduated a number of years ago.

Harold Flegelman, Associate Dean and Director of the LLM Program, underlined the importance of giving postgraduates the opportunity to meet with former students who are now respectable and successful attorneys and hear all about the real-life challenges of becoming one.

Aric Kurzman was the right person for this, said Flegelman, because his success story boasts important elements of an attorney’s cautionary tale.

Kurzman, who was interested in pursuing a career that would combine two of his biggest passions – law and art – was a student in a time when the entertainment and sports law program didn’t exist. He built his own curriculum from what was available and went on to Hollywood to become a talent agent.

After years of professional ups and downs, Kurzman finally graduated from his entry position in the William Morris Agency’s mailroom to an accomplished vice present of Legal and Business Affairs at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

There is a valuable lesson on entrepreneurship and perseverance in there, said Flegelman, which teaches young students to take their careers into their own hands. It’s not about the position you get, but about what you do with it, Miami School of Law students agreed.

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