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Kent Law School's Research Culture – Project to Help Students Prepare for LLM Entrance Exams

The Developing Undergraduate Research Project at Kent Law School will encourage undergraduate students to hone their research skills, develop a more critical approach to studying law, and eventually help them prepare them for their postgraduate LLM entrance exams.

Designed by Kent Law School’s professor Maria Drakopoulou, this exciting new project is aimed at all undergraduate law students, whether they nurture interest for strictly academic work or plan to pursue careers in court.

Professor Drakopoulou’s idea is to give students an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in academic research and reconsider its importance in the context of law studies and education in general. The project will both facilitate their way through the legal academy and boost their employability.

All this will be achieved in collaboration with teachers, through interactive events, specific training workshops, and roundtable discussions, as well as other relevant activities such as the Student Law Review and the dissertation module.

Participation in the Developing Undergraduate Research Project will not be mandatory, and students who engage in these activities will not be formally graded. Even so, professor Drakopoulou urges all students not to miss out on this unique opportunity.  

Not only will practical knowledge acquired through participation in this project enable them to optimize their studying skills, which will, in turn, help them increase grades and score higher on their LLM entrance exams, but it will also better equip them for writing CVs and recognizing career possibilities.

The project’s introductory event, “Why Research?” is scheduled for October 16th (from 6 pm to 8 pm) in Keynes Seminar Room 15 at Kent Law School.

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