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Kent Law School LLM Students Provide Help to Victims of Counterterrorism Laws Misuse

LLM students of the University of Kent Law School are providing help to victims of the misuse of counterterrorism laws imposed by various international organizations, including the Interpol and the United Nations (UN). These LLM students are exerting research efforts to make sure the victims will be able to invoke their legal rights on the issue.

The efforts are under the helm of Kent Law School Lecturer and Solicitor Dr. Gavin Sullivan, who are supervising the LLM students in conducting this cutting-edge research which forms part of a clinical project designed to support individuals to be able to assert their legal rights to due process. This project is included in the Global Security Law module taught by Dr. Sullivan, which is within the Kent Law School's LLM program curriculum. This module immerses LLM students in current accountability and security problems.

The LLM program at Kent Law School is offered at its Canterbury campus and may be completed within one year. The program has two intakes yearly, i.e., January and September. Deserving applicants of the LLM program are also offered various scholarships.

The group of LLM students working on this project has divided the job accordingly. There are those in collaboration with the Fair Trials International for the purpose of assisting individuals who became subject of the Interpol's Red Notice electronic alerts. While these alerts are useful in stopping those wanted for crimes to travel from one country to another, they are being abused by some states by targeting political opponents, refugees, journalists and human rights advocates. Given the legal immunity possessed by the Interpol, their acts cannot be challenged in court. Part of the help provided by the LLM students is to have the names of some of these people removed from the Interpol databases.

The other LLM students are working with Reprieve and doing research on policies of EU Members relating to the use of armed drones used beyond areas undergoing armed conflict. The objective of this research, among others, is to help in creating a European Common Position on Armed Drones. Such a policy will create accountability for violating EU Members that abuses the rights of the people/states involved.

The other LLM students, with the help of Dr. Sullivan, are assisting two clients in having their names removed from the UN Security Council's list that are given sanctions for counterterrorism. As a result of the work currently being done by these Kent LLM students, a delisting application was filed before the UN's Office of the Ombudsperson.




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