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KCL Students May Now Apply for the Yeoh Tiong Lay LLM Law Scholarship

This is the fourth and final installment of the series of news articles provided by Translegal on the scholarships offered by King's College London (KCL) to its LLM students. Besides the financial assistance previously reported, KCL also offers the Yeoh Tiong Lay LLM Scholarship for academic year 2018/2019.

The Yeoh Tiong Lay LLM Scholarship program provides prestigious scholarship opportunities to outstanding law students who intend to take their degree at KCL's Dickson Poon School of Law. The scholarships to be awarded this year are part of the £7 million gift from Dato Mark Yeoh, a Malaysian Alumnus of KCL.

Unlike the other scholarships which are awarded based on financial need, the Yeoh Tiong Lay LLM Scholarship will be granted to an LLM student based on proven academic excellence. For the year 2018, four scholarships will be given out. One of the scholarships is reserved for a student of Malaysian nationality and the other three is open to all LLM applicants who will receive a place for the September 2018 LLM intake at KCL. Each scholarship will cover the LLM program tuition fee for the entire year plus a £10,000 allowance for living expenses.

The rest of the £7 million gift is dedicated to build a modern research-based Center for Politics, Philosophy & Law, designed to enhance KCL's reputation as an international center for legal education located at the core of London. It will enable KCL to establish new posts in the School of Law broken down as follows:

  • a chair - £3.5 million;
  • two lectureships - £1.5 million each; and,
  • 16 full LLM scholarships - £500,000.

A selection panel will be formed to choose the four scholars. The panel will take into account the candidate's grades and achievements in his/her undergraduate degree, and the strength of the personal statement and essay provided.

Application deadline for the Yeoh Tiong Lay LLM Law Scholarship is 13 April 2018. The decision will be provided by June 2018 and successful candidates will be duly notified.

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