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KCL Offers the Norman Spink Scholarship to Students of a Tax-Related LLM Program

The King's College London (KCL) Dickson Poon School of Law offers LLM students with various scholarships and financial grants. For academic year 2018/19, it launched the Norman Spink Scholarship Fund coming from the generous legacy of the late Norman Spink.

This funding is meant to support students needing financial assistance in undertaking any tax-related LLM program at KCL. This will allow them to gain enhanced legal knowledge in a center of excellence recognized worldwide. For 2018-19, one Norman Spink Scholarship worth £10,000 will be awarded. To be eligible, the following conditions should be met:

  • The applicants must undertake starting September 2018 a 1-year LLM program;
  • the LLM program must take the Tax Law Pathway;
  • a written personal statement should be provided;
  • applicants must be able to demonstrate financial need;
  • applicants should be willing to provide an end-of-year report; and,
  • a letter of thanks should be provided to the estate of Normal Spink by the end of the program.

The selection of the scholar will be based largely on the financial need and the personal statement provided. Only those with confirmed place to the LLM program will be considered. The £10,000 scholarship will be placed against the tuition fee. With the 2018/19 tuition rates, the following tuition rates will apply after subtracting the amount of the scholarship:

  • UK/EU student awardee - Remaining tuition to be paid is £5,600
  • International student awardee - Remaining tuition to be paid is £13,940

The deadline of application for the Normal Spink Scholarship is 13 April 2018.  The decision will be announced by June 2018.


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