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The John B. Turner LLM Program at the University of Oklahoma is Now Open for Applications

The John B. Turner LLM program offered by the University of Oklahoma College of Law is now open for applications. The program consists of a unique mix of courses which can be found only in the University of Oklahoma. Students on the LLM program can choose from any of the following specializations:

  • U.S. Legal Studies
  • Indigenous Peoples Law
  • Energy and Natural Resources

The U.S. Legal Studies specialization is open only to foreign-trained lawyers. To be eligible, the applicant to the John B. Turner LLM program should hold a prior law degree. Given the highly selective admissions process, those with exceptional academic law records, who are highly proficient in English, and who demonstrate leadership potential are advised to apply. Applicants are encouraged to provide good recommendation letters. Preference is given to those with research or work experience, though this is not part of the requirement. Applicants from other countries are required to show English proficiency through their TOEFL or IELTS grades.

The John B. Turner LLM program has an August intake. LLM aspirants should submit their applications early to allow for priority review. Applications can be submitted online either through the LSAC or the website of the College of Law. Decisions will be provided starting March 2018 but applications will be accepted until the classes start in August, depending on the availability of slots. International students are given a deadline of June 15 to allow for visa applications.

The John B. Turner LL.M. Program Chair is in honor of its namesake. Attorney John B. Turner is a trustee of the Stuart Family Foundation, executive vice president and general counsel of First Stuart Corporation and a partner in the Stuart, Biolchini & Turner law firm.


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