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ISDE and the Master in International Sports Law Program

ISDE (The Higher Institute of Law and Economics) offers a prestigious Master program in International Sports Law. 

This is a highly regarded program in the field that it covers making it a great career investment for legal practitioners looking to become experts in international sports law.

This is a full-time Master program with closure sessions in Cambridge and Switzerland. Students will also have to attend mandatory international internships. Due to these activities, students at ISDE will have an opportunity to become seasoned legal experts in the field, develop hands-on experience with the work, develop a network of contacts and improve their chances of finding work at the end of their education.

So far this Master program at ISDE has educated more than 1,000 students in over 30 editions. They have an amazing TLabor insertion rate standing at 90%. The program is internationally recognized!

You should really check out their partner and collaborating companies which include RFEF, NBA, FC Bayern Munchen, Red Bull New York, Asian Football Confederation, etc. 

Their faculty is mostly made up of experienced international sports law professionals with years of practice behind them. 

IF you want to find out more about their curriculum, the tuition fees, deadline and more, you should visit the ISDE’s official website and find the program.

All questions and requests should be directed to ISDE’s official channels which can also be found on their website. 

Good luck!

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