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ILF LLM Students Get the Opportunity to Take Their Winter Semester Boston University School of Law

The LLM students taking the Finance LLM program at ILF (Institute for Law and Finance Goethe University Frankfurt Main) will have an opportunity to take their winter semester at Boston University School of Law.

Students who become a part of this exchange program between BU and ILF will be taking the BU’s graduate program in Banking and Financial Law.

The only eligibility requirements for this exchange program students need to meet is to have German First Legal State Examination qualification and that you are taking the Finance LLM program at ILF.

While students will be taking their winter semester in Boston, they’ll be back in Frankfurt to finish their summer semester after which they will receive their LLM degree from Frankfurt University.

This is an exceptional opportunity for students to network, and take a semester at one of the most renowned law schools in the world. BU’s Banking and Financial Law program was started in 1985 and since then it has remained the only graduate program of its kind in the United States.
Students who might want to become a part of this program should know that the application deadline is set for April 25th, 2019 so they’ll need to apply before that date.

All inquiries related to this exchange of students should be addressed to ILF’s official channels.

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