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IE Law School Releases an Overview of Their Master in Legal Tech

IE Law School in Madrid, Spain has released an overview of their IE Master program in Legal Tech for 2019.

The modern world is a constant flux when it comes to tech and while tech is constantly changing so does our world change with it. This means that new regulations and a need for their interpretation are in demand.

IE offers one of the worlds best Master courses in Legal Tech. The program is in high demand due to the fact that it really opens up fresh options when it comes to career options for students that manage to complete this course.

This is a blended program that allows students to keep up with the course without being forced to drop work due to their classes. You can keep track of the courses through online means or go to campus to take classes - there are three on-campus options including Madrid, Silicon Valley (California) and Herzliya (Israel).

The duration of this LLM course is 10 months and classes are in English making it perfect for the international student body that it usually attracts. Of course, students should pass their English exams in order to provide proof they are proficient enough to keep up with the classes.

The 31.700 € tuition fee isn’t among the lowest in the world but you do get your money’s worth out of this Master program. All further information can be gathered by checking their official website or contacting the Master course assistant director via this email

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