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Hertfordshire Law School Releases Information About Their LLM Program

If you are searching for a flexible and high-quality LLM program then Hertfordshire Law School’s might be the right fit for you.

Students taking the LLM program at Hertfordshire Law will have the option to create a custom course path for themselves by choosing classes from a pool of 20 options. This gives them the option to specialize their LLM path to be in-line with their ambitions and career plans.

Classes are held by professionals who have experience in the fields they are teaching. The classes themselves are filled with hands-on, real-world experience opportunities and discussions with both peers and experienced professionals. This means that students will leave this LLM program with a substantial level of experience and they’ll be ready to handle most challenges their future jobs will have in stock for them.

The fees for the 2019/2020 school year have also been released along with this information:

Fees for UK/EU Students:




£700 per 15 credits

Fees for International Students:




£1,050 per 15 credits

Here are the important application dates for both the part-time and full-time program paths:

Full-time applications start: 22/09/2019

Full-time applications close: 30/09/2020

Part-time applications start: 28/09/2019

Part-time applications close: 27/05/2020

All other information can be found on Hertfordshire Law School’s official website and if you run into anything confusing feel free to reach out to their official student support channels.

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