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GW Law - Dee J. Kelly Has Been Honored with an LLC

A story of one’s professional accomplishment rarely ends with one wholeheartedly giving back to society. That is not the case with Dee J. Kelly, Sr. JD ’54, who was a lawyer, philanthropist, and founder of one of the most influential law firms in North Texas region, and the law school he graduated from.

GW Law was able to improve its academic operations after receiving a generous $1.25 million donation from J. Kelly’s foundation. To celebrate the occasion, the school celebrated the official renaming of its Law School Learning Center to the Dee J. Kelly Learning Center on last day of August.

The official renaming took place during a Dedication Ceremony in honor of Dee J. Kelly, whose friends and family members, including his three children and grandchildren, also came to commemorate the late lawyer. One of his sons, Dee Kelly, Jr, said words of praise about this GW Law’s gesture of respect:

“This would be a very special day to him, not just because his name is up on the wall, it’s because of recognition of what this education meant to him and what it meant to his future”. Dee J. Kelly’s future after GW Law was indeed great, both in terms of his career as a lawyer and his contribution to society.

Dee J. Kelly left his mark on the U.S. legal system by practicing law in his own respected firm, Kelly Hart & Hallman, which broke new legal grounds by working on virtually every high-profile matter in the North Texas area. The Dedication Ceremony at GW Law honored his life, career, and contributions.

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